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25 Reasons Why You Should Help the Soup Kitchen   
25 Ways You Can Help the Soup Kitchen  
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Poverty is not so much a 'cycle' as a spiral down; once set in motion it becomes very difficult to counteract it's downward pull. Throughout all the challenges, the Soup Kitchen Community Center has responded with ever expanding programs and services. It has been an excellent model of charity. We are working now towards changing our charitable model into a developmental model. Offering services right in the heart of the at risk area, a community liaison for those who come in with a need to be met but are unsure of how to navigate the system; having a health clinic that remains within walking distance with health education sessions. We would also like to have childcare available for extended hours for single parents working shift work. We offer social enterprise, where people can stop in and learn a craft that may turn into a viable revenue stream . As well as many long term goals such as a harm reduction plan for needle users, and free confidential STI testing. We are one door in, many ways out, hand up not hand out.

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What does a mouse exterminator, an ex-convict and a student nurse have in common. 

Come to a performance of  In My Shoes and find out!  You will laugh, you will cry, and you will never forget the people and their stories.  Guaranteed.




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Picture this – a five year old girl and her mother, when the Good Food Box is delivered from the Soup Kitchen Community Centre.    
“but mom! It’s all fresh food! I haven’t had a banana forever!
“not today, I don’t have the money.”
“but it’s only $15.”
“I don’t have the money.  I don’t even have $2 for bus money.”
 The number of people that can relate to that scenario would probably surprise you.  People that are homeless; people that have to choose between sending their kids to school with no lunch, or keeping them home and feeding them leftover pasta.  People that have no choice but to live above taverns in rodent invested rooms.  People trying to further their education to climb out of the poverty trap. They may seem like statistics but they are real people.  They have a voice and they have a story.  Please have a seat, listen and walk a mile

In My Shoes  


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Click on our logo below to visit our secure server at Canada Helps or click here for more information.  You may use Visa, MasterCard or American Express.  If you are donating as a Christmas, Birthday or other gift for someone else you can arrange for a card to be sent.    You will have your income tax receipt immediately.


DO YOU KNOW?  Each month the Soup Kitchen serves between 1,500 and 2,000 meals. People in our community are going hungry .......and a lot of them are children. 

 Hunger has a