why you should help
You will bring a smile to a child's face
You can change lives
You will help to end the cycle of poverty
You will feel so good!
You are building community partnerships
You can be there for someone less fortunate
You can make a difference
You give hope to an individual
You can give hope to a family
You can make our world a better place
You can help fight the stigma of poverty
You can eliminate stereotypes
You can provide children and adults with a safe and nurturing environment
You can motivate people to make positive changes
You can help abolish poverty
You can promote understanding and acceptance
You have given back to the community
You can be a role model for others
You can leave a mark in the community
You can make a difference
When you fight hunger, you feed hope
Someone will know you care
You can sleep at night
You can provide children with a brighter future
You will be blessed!
There are many more reasons - send us yours