What do a mouse exterminator, an ex-convict and a student nurse have in common?  Come to a performance of In My Shoes and find out! 
You will laugh, you will cry and you will never forget the people and their stories.  Guaranteed.

 If you would like to book a performance of In My Shoes please email.

All of the actors are connected to the Soup Kitchen in some way, Staff, patrons, Board members and volunteers!  Many tell their own stories!





Some of the comments we have received include:

 "I think often about your play and it really made an impact on me."  Alison Dengate, workman arts

"We were all so moved by the reception and discussion. It was great to hear from your partners and to be a part of it." Debbie Shubat, R.N.A.O.

In an email Mike Cree was so kind to share:

"Someone asked me why are you giving up a Friday night to go and see a play about poverty? I replied that I would give up all my Friday nights forever if we could just end poverty. I could not think of being in better company for the evening each person there is passionate about ending poverty, being with others who care made the night perfect. The gang from the Soo was fantastic many of their stories touch me very deeply as their stories are mine as well. Again thanks to the team for a fantastic event."  Mike Cree, Toronto